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Whether your home is designed to include the authentic features and detailing of a traditional home or the clean architectural lines of a modern New Zealand home, masonry has tangible advantages and is the ultimate choice of building system. It delivers many clear-cut benefits.

Strength and Durability

Each home we design is individually engineered and built using our time-tested and proven concrete masonry system. Walls and floors are steel reinforced and interlocked to deliver a home that is structurally superior. Masonry is still the strongest and most enduring method of construction in the building sector.

Another enormous advantage of masonry is that the structural integrity of a masonry home is not affected by water ingress or moisture. Masonry homes will not rot or deteriorate.


Masonry homes provide comfort from season to season. Warm in winter, cool in summer, the concrete walls of a masonry home have the highest material mass of any building system available. This means, once occupied and heated either artificially or through solar gain, a well-designed masonry home will retain warmth during the winter months. The reverse applies during the summer season, where the material mass of the solid walls provides a cooler ambient temperature within the home.

The heavy and dense mass of the solid concrete walls of a masonry home also provides the ultimate sound barrier from the world outside. Internal masonry walls can be included to further enhance the acoustic and thermal advantages of a masonry home.

Solid Investment

Building or buying a new home is often one of the most important decisions any of us will ever make. Masonry homes have a reputation for achieving a premium if you decide, one day, to sell. You can enjoy peace of mind and be safe in the knowledge that your masonry home is a solid investment.

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“At home, here in New Zealand, people are now starting to understand and appreciate that solid concrete masonry is for life and longer.”

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